Hacks/Hackers NYC: How We Made Our Maps

Tonight I had the honor of sharing some of WNYC's mapping work to a big audience at the Hacks/Hackers NYC Meetup, along with Albert Sun of the Wall Street Journal and Jeff Larson of ProPublica.

My part was a version of the demo I gave at the Online News Association conference on how we built our Hurricane Evacuation Zones map, the links and slides for which are here. There's also an eerily similar blog post about it.

At tonight's talk, I promised several folks the JavaScript I use for the address-locator box on our maps. I'll set it up as a proper Git soon, with better documentation, but you can copy it as-is, paste it into your JavaScript code and follow the comments. It should work for you -- but let me know if it doesn't!

Also, the link to the amazing census data site I mentioned is census.ire.org.

Thanks to everyone who came out, and to Chrys, Al, Beth and Jenny for inviting me.