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What I'm Doing Now

I'm the senior data and visuals editor for climate at CNN.

I also teach classes in data journalismproduct prototyping, and online investigations at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY in New York City, and I volunteer for nonprofit news organizations such as The Oaklandside.

Previously I was a multimedia/graphics editor at the New York Times helping with coverage of the coronavirus pandemic and the 2020 election. Before that, I was. the investigations editor at Quartz, where we worked to expose coordinated efforts to sway, confuse, and divide the US electorate. I also created and led the Quartz AI Studio, an effort to help journalists use machine learning to research and pursue stories, and I led the Quartz Bot Studio, which experimented with conversational interfaces, artificial intelligence, and related technologies for journalism.

And before Quartz I established and led the WNYC Data News Team, which powered the public radio station's data-driven journalism, pursued original-source investigative reporting and created useful, playful, New York City-centric projects. At WNYC, I also was news director for nine years, executive producer of On The Media, head of digital media, and executive producer for special projects.

I am the founder of Really Good Smarts LLC centered on tinkering with and teaching data journalism, physical computing, machine learning, and DIY projects.

I wrote Family Projects for Smart Objects: Tabletop Projects That Respond to Your World from Maker Media, which draws from projects I built while trying to Make Every Week for a year.

I have taught classes and workshops at Columbia University, Stanford University, the New School University, and New York University. I was an Innovator in Residence and co-instructor for a sensor-journalism class called "Stream Lab" at West Virginia University. We deployed water sensors in the Monongahela River to learn about measuring water quality and how others may do the same.

    Bio Paragraph

    Let's put that all together:

    John Keefe is the senior data and visuals editor for climate at CNN. He previously helped with election and coronavirus coverage as a graphics/multimedia editor at the New York Times. Before the pandemic, he was the investigations editor at Quartz and also led the Quartz AI Studio. Prior to Quartz, Keefe established the Data News Team at public radio station WNYC, leading a team of journalists who specialized in data reporting, coding, and design for visualizations and investigations. He ran WNYC's news division for nearly a decade. A self-described "professional beginner," Keefe runs a tinkering and teaching company called Really Good Smarts LLC. Keefe has taught classes about online investigations, data journalism, machine learning, and journalism products at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY. Keefe also has led classes and workshops at Columbia University, Stanford University, the New School University, New York University, and was an Innovator in Residence at West Virginia University's Reed College of Media. Keefe blogs at johnkeefe.net and tweets as @jkeefe.


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