I'm currently unavailable for consulting due to my full-time obligations at CNN, but leaving this page live for reference.

Cross that project off your to-do list! I'm available for long- and short-term contract work in:

  • Investigative data journalism.
  • Routine data journalism.
  • Machine learning in the newsroom.
  • Empowering reporters to use and chart data.
  • SMS/texting projects for community and crowdsourcing.
  • Creative coding projects for journalism or civic good.
  • Product prototyping and experimentation.
  • Fostering cross-department collaboration.
  • Building amazing teams.
  • Incorporating play into your work.
  • Mentoring and instruction.

Send a quick paragraph about your needs to john (at), or use a more secure method if it's sensitive. Then we can set up a time to chat.

Many references available.