Be Sure to Vote (and Consider Me)

Last Day to Vote! Thursday, October 13 is the last day you can your vote for the ONA Board. Check your inbox for an reminder email sent Wednesday at 11 a.m. ET titled "Deadline is tomorrow -- vote for the 2010 ONA Board of Directors." It has your personal ballot login details. Then go vote!

I'm up for election, and my opponents are awesome.

The race is to fill seats on the board of the Online News Association, an important organization at the intersection of journalism and technology

And while the slate of candidates is crazy strong, I still think I'd be a great addition to ONA's board. So here are some John Keefe Bullet Points to help ONA members consider a vote for me:

  • Planner and doer
  • Super collaborative
  • Public media news director
  • Data-news MacGyver
  • Journohacker
  • Share what I learn so others might, too

I'm especially committed to that last point, working hard to explain our data-news projects in ways other journalists can replicate and build upon. For evidence, just look anywhere else on this blog.

It's journalism in the public interest, infused with the spirit of open-source coding. This isn't unique to me; there are several fantastic teams committed to this. But it is exactly the commitment to propelling journalists, in open and accessible ways, that I would bring to the ONA board.

My full bio and ONA vision statement -- and those of my slatemates -- is right here.

Voting begins Friday, September 23.