I'm available to speak about and lead workshops on:

  • Building Conversational Interfaces including chatbots and voice experiences, particularly around storytelling and events, for platforms such as Facebook Messenger, SMS text, and Amazon Alexa.
  • AI in Journalism and how newsrooms and news organizations are using machine learning to serve their audiences and publish otherwise-impossible stories.
  • Making a Habit of Making like I did (nearly) every week for a year, and continue to do so regularly at work.
  • Projects with Simple Sensors for fun at home and for "sensor journalism."

I am committed to a diversity of views and perspectives on all of these topics. If you'd like me to speak on a panel, and the panel would consist of only white men, please instead offer my spot to someone who is not.

To book speaking engagements, workshops and other appearances, contact Studio Kairos via this online form or by email info@studiokairos.co.