This is where I'm collecting links and resources mentioned in presentations I've given. I've just started putting them all in one place, and hope to add previous presentations, too.

Census Workshop | WNYC
Manhattan, December 9, 2014

Great sites

Census Reporter:

Decennial IRE Census Tool:

Great Reads

Platforms Class | Columbia Journalism School
Manhattan, August 12, 2014

Link to slides (as a PDF). 

AIR Full Spectrum | UnionDocs
Brooklyn, July 10, 2014


IRE Workshop | CUNY Graduate School
New York City, Jan 24, 2014

More info to come, but here's the embed:

NYU Professional Studies School
New York City, Dec. 11, 2013

Slides are here as a pdf.

Links are here:

2/3 of City Streets are Near Schools, Subject to Lower Speed Limits

For City’s Teens, Stop-and-Frisk Is Black And White

Lengthy Kindergarten Wait Lists Unveiled as Applicants Increase

Elevation & Sandy Deaths | WNYC

Election 2013 | WNYC

Visualizing the Voters | WNYC

Transit Time NYC | WNYC

Dogs of NYC | WNYC

Public Media Transportation Camp
WNYC, New York City, Nov. 16, 2012

Slides here.


Barclays Draws Crowds, Protesters to Downtown Brooklyn

Map | NJ Has Fastest Growing Commuter Counties

WNYC Map | The Commute

For Those Making Less, A Greater Chance of Being Hit by Cars

Air Commuters Map - New York | WNYC

Air Commuters Map - Nationwide | WNYC

Lost Subways Map | WNYC

Changing Trains | WNYC

Recovery Map Animated GIF


"Winning Election Coverage"
2012 Online Journalism Association Conference, San Francisco, Sept. 22, 2012

Slide stack, including links for this panel presentation about WNYC's past approach and some resources available to you.


"Mapping for Non-Coders"
2012 Unity Convention, Las Vegas, August 3, 2012

The script and list of links for this workshop, which you can use for reference and/or to follow along.

The file bundle at which is examle data used in the workshop. Please note that some of the data has been edited for ease of instruction and could be outdated. If you're interested in these sets, you should get a fresh copy from the original sources.

My slides, though most of the workshop involves visiting links in the script, so there are only a few slides.


"Free Tools"
2012 NABJ Convention, New Orleans, June 21, 2012

Link list:

Micropolis: A Look at the Least Diverse Neighborhood in the City - WNYC

Diversity in NYC | Micropolis | WNYC

For City’s Teens, Stop And Frisk Is Black And White - WNYC

Stop & Frisk | Teens | WNYC

‘Mad Men’ Mapped: A Guide to NYC Hot Spots Frequented by Our Favorite Characters - WNYC Culture

'Law and Order: Special Victims Unit' Mapped: Walking the Beat with Benson and Stabler - WNYC Culture

Are Bedbugs Biting the Dust? - WNYC

Timeline | Pedro Espada's Long Dance with the Law - WNYC

Google Docs / Google Drive

WNYC Map | 9/11 Street Closures

Sample list of Manhattan Elementary Schools

Super Awesome Vertical Timeline Tool and my blog post about using it.

GeoCommons Mapping Tools

MapBox | Fast and beautiful maps